We offer free listings on our finda wedding directories and if you like what we're doing we'd really appreciate a short blog post about us or if you have a links page or resources page then it would be nice to add us to your site in an appropriate place. 

If you want to link to us we've provided some handy code and badges but you can make the link anyway you like.

the URL's are  and

You can copy and paste the code below and add it to the code of your website:

<strong><a href="" title="FindaWeddingSupplier" target="_blank">Find a Wedding Supplier</a> - </strong><a title="Find a Wedding Photographer" href="" target="_blank">Wedding Photographers UK</a> and <a title="Find a Wedding Venue" href="" target="_blank">FindaWeddingVenue</a> on these great wedding planning sites</span>

 Let us know if you've added a link and we'll also 'like' or google+ your homepage.

If you are a wedding photographer you can also mention us in your blog and link to us that way!

Or use our handy blog badge to link to us. You can either use the image and create a link with some appropriate alt text or just grab the code and add it to your blog:

Find a UK Wedding Photographer


or just use this handy code on your site

<p><a title="Find a Wedding Photographer" href="" target="_blank" ><img title="Wedding Photographers UK" src="" alt="Wedding Photographers UK" width="150" height="150" /></a></p>


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